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4 COVID-19 Wedding Options

You may or may not have read my own confessions as a COVID-19 Bride. If you are looking for a raw confession of feelings and emotions that have to be left unsaid, click here.

If you read that post, you also know that you have options. But you may be thinking, "What options?" and while I can't help you make that decision, I can at least lay out a few options that I've seen 2020 brides take.

Before looking at the cut and dry options, I recommend going through the exercise of answering these 5 questions and considerations. No one can make this decision for you, but thinking through the various factors will certainly make the decision a bit easier.

Now, here are 4 popular options for the COVID-19 bride:

1. Elope + Cancel the Wedding

This may appeal to those who never wanted the wedding in the first place. If you've always questioned whether getting hitched just you and your fiancé (and maybe a handful of friends/family) was the option for you all along, then here is your chance.

PROS: Whimsical & romantic, save money, focus on just you and your fiancé

CONS: May lose out on deposits from vendors, may feel additional judgement from others

2. Elope + Postpone the Wedding

I may be biased, but this was the option I chose. I think it's the best of both worlds, but I also really love weddings.

PROS: Two weddings, something to look forward to, financial benefits of marriage while not losing out on deposits or dream wedding

CONS: More time & planning, wedding is not "real thing", general judgement

3. Postpone the Wedding

If you can't imagine changing anything about your wedding plans, this option may be for you.

PROS: More time to plan or focus on other things besides the wedding

CONS: New date, so may require some sacrifices depending on dates and availability

4. Proceed as Planned

If you can legally have a ceremony + reception in your state, this is still an option.

PROS: You're getting married! Not postponing or pushing off the stress

CONS: A lot of adjustments may be needed to guest count, floor plan, etc.

So, there you have it. None of these options are perfect, but none of them are wrong either. You are sure to get judgement no matter what you choose, but just remember that this is about you and your fiancé. I know you'll make the decision that feels right and natural for you! If you're still needing additional help depending on your unique situation, contact me and let's chat. You don't have to go this alone.

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