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5 Considerations as a COVID-19 Bride

It's no surprise that COVID-19 has impacted brides and the wedding industry across the country, and the world. 2020 wedding plans are up in the air, and have drastically changed for many brides after March 2020.

If you're still wondering how to navigate this, you're not alone. It's stressful to plan a wedding normally, let alone during a global pandemic.

First, know that you have options. And no option is perfect, but you already know that because you're here, trying to get advice from a complete stranger on how to navigate this unprecedented time.

Hopefully these questions and considerations will help you made the incredibly difficult decision on what to do next.

  1. What is the wedding all about, anyway? What helped me get through was remembering WHY I am getting married in the first place. My fiancé. The guy who proposed to me when I was at my worst, who I just couldn't wait to marry. Through the entire wedding planning, we always made decisions for our guests, and finally had the clarity that we wanted--no--deserved-- to do something special for ourselves.

  2. When you hear "elope", how do you feel? Does it give you a romantic and whimsical feeling like it did for me? Or do you feel uncomfortable and angry? If the latter, then eloping is probably not the best choice for you. You want to make the decision that feels comfortable for you, hell, even exciting! If the idea of eloping makes you sad, angry, or resentful then NEXT--try again.

  3. Can you even imagine slimming down the guest list? This raises challenges for even the most considerate brides. How can you possibly slim down a guest list of people who were already invited or given a save the date? The etiquette is tricky, and brides are bound to receive loads of judgement for uninviting guests, even in a pandemic. Depending on your list though, this may be the best option and something to consider if you can't or don't want to change your date.

  4. Can you imagine dancing in masks or socially distancing? Unless getting married in a backyard (and even then), the likelihood of masks and socially distancing is the reality until a vaccine is found. If that isn't something you'd feel comfortable with, then postponing to 2021, or even later, is probably your best bet.

  5. Are there financial costs to consider? Luckily all my vendors have been incredibly flexible during the pandemic, but that's not the reality for all brides. There are also financial perks to officially tying the knot. At the end of the day, no bride should have to go into debt over a cancelled wedding. You may decide that following through with the original plans is the only option, even if many friends and family cannot make it. This is a valid factor and may impact your decision.

No one but you and your significant other can make this incredibly hard decision for you. And sadly, everyone will have an opinion and voice it. I hope these considerations are helpful to begin to put the pieces of your dream wedding back together.

Need more help? Check out 4 COVID-19 Wedding Options for a clear list of options now that you've began to think of all the factors.

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