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The Sign That Saved a Wedding

Do you remember a moment in your life where you were just That happened. Well, for me, that moment was at Erika & Daniel's wedding. After a crazy and amazing wedding day, I wanted to share an uplifting story that will hopefully remind us that everything happens for a reason and will always work out in the way it was meant to.

Needing a Mr & Mrs Sign

A bride hired me for wedding design/decor, set up & day of coordination for yesterday June 18th. I wanted to use a Mr & Mrs sign for their sweetheart table, and thought I had one, but as I was packing up my car the night before I realized I only had a "Mrs" and "Mrs" sign.

No worries, the table will still look beautiful.

But for anyone who knows me, this was going to irk me. Big time.

I can be a bit spontaneous, so at 8pm the night before, I checked Facebook Marketplace. Found one about 15 mins away. I ask, "Is this available?" She says, "Sorry, pending pickup this weekend!" I say, "No problem, I need it for tomorrow. I can pay you and bring it back after the wedding in time for the other person to pick up?" And unfortunately (but fortunately) she did not feel comfortable doing that.

Okay, no worries the table will still look beautiful.

But I'm still irked. So I kept looking.

I found one 30 minutes away. Is it worth it? Hell yes. So I make the trip. The woman then tells me she just got married the weekend prior (YAY congratulations!) She wants to sell all her decor and asked if I would be interested in anything else. (Oh boy, my husband will KILL ME). So of course I say, "How much for everything?"

The Wedding Day

The next day, we start setting up, and OMG the wind was insane! Wedding decor toppling over, and over AND OVER again. Even our Lays potato chips from lunch were flying in the air. We quickly realized that her backyard wedding with hand-laid eucalyptus and flowers as centerpieces, light weight table numbers....was not gonna happen. All that planning, every decision made...completely out the window.

So, we go to plan B. Did I have a plan B? Well, as of 10pm the previous night I had 20 vases, backup gold table numbers and a few other items that will hold up better in the wind...PERFECT. I used (almost) everything.

That impulse buying decision at 10pm the night before risking my marriage for a $25 sign SAVED. A. WEDDING.

Did I mention this wedding was a postponement from 2020 and they already had to change their plans to have an intimate backyard reception for closest friends and family? (That's a whole other story...)

Everything Happens for a Reason

At the end of the night, the bride pulled me aside and as we're both watching the reception we planned from the outside looking in, we recognized how everything happens for a reason. It was a moment I'll never forget where the stars aligned and we realized that all of these factors out of our control, the tears of sadness and joy, the stress and excitement, as well as all the decisions made to this point, led us to that exact moment where we were admiring the best day of her life.

And this is why I love what I do. ❤


About Julia Noelle Weddings

Julia Noelle Weddings is a wedding planning and design service located in Bluffton, SC. Julia and her team strive to provide professional services to help you plan your dream wedding celebrations. Using her expert organization and diligent precision, Julia hopes to provide you with a fun and stress-free experience when planning your wedding.


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Xoxo Julia

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