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Don't blow your budget.

There's a better way.

Wedding Budget Form

One of the first steps of wedding planning is to create a wedding budget. But just saying "$5k" or "$100k" is a recipe for disaster and is NOT helpful! Without knowledge of vendor costs and price ranges, your wedding budget, no matter how big or small can easily be blown, costing many couples thousands of dollars (or more!) 

Templates are helpful, but wedding budgets are not one size fits all. You need a custom and detailed wedding budget based on your exact wedding vision.

Julia Ferrigno is a wedding planner with industry knowledge that can personally curate a customized wedding budget based on your specific needs. 

Meet Julia


Julia is a wedding planner currently based in Bluffton, SC but has planned weddings all over the East Coast. No matter where the wedding is, the same problem remains: couples always exceed their ideal "budget" and have no idea how it happens. Her goal is to prevent this conundrum, one couple at a time! 

Your Personalized Wedding Budget

A budget is more than just a number!

"Too many couples exceed their wedding budgets, and have no idea how it happened. Not anymore!"

- Julia Ferrigno, owner of Julia Noelle Weddings

Only 5 Easy Steps

Let's see how it works...


Introductory Call

First, we start with an intro call on the phone or video call where we discuss your wedding vision and overall budget.


Wedding Budget Questionnaire

Then, you are given a detailed questionnaire to better understand every little wedding need and detail.


Local Research

Next, I provide local research to confirm any price disparities between various areas and provide the most accurate budget. 


Wedding Budget Walkthrough

Then, we walk through the detailed wedding budget together, going over any nuances or options for your wedding.


Final Wedding Budget

I make final revisions based on our conversation and send over the final product for you to manage moving forward.

My Clients Always Stay on Budget

Don't just take my word for it!

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